• Bob is our 'go to' search specialist when we're looking to hire for specific assignments. In particular, he saves us time by managing a very efficient process. He understands our firm and culture well. As a result, we meet a small number of highly relevant individuals and hire successfully. It works perfectly for us.

    Managing Partner, UK PE Firm

  • Executive recruitment is unfortunately beset with people often more motivated by short term financial reward as opposed to client advice and satisfaction. Bob is a very refreshing exception. He's knowledgeable, honest, calm and respectful; and I would recommend Bob strongly to anyone looking to leverage the help of an executive recruiter.

    Partner, US PE Firm

  • Bob introduced me to my current firm and was thoroughly professional at all stages of the process. I found him to be approachable, honest and attentive which are rare attributes in the headhunting space. I would not hesitate in recommending Bob to any firm looking to hire or individual looking to make a move.

    Partner, European PE Firm

  • Great Headhunter! Personable, reliable and very hard working!

    Deputy Head of Corporate Finance

  • I have had the pleasure to work with Bob recently and can highly recommend him to both prospective firms and candidates. He genuinely understands the specific requirements of his clients and excels at tailoring the right solution for all parties. On a more personal level, Bob is smart, energetic and fun to interact with.

    VP, Credit Fund

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We hire investment professionals for buy-side firms and senior M&A bankers.

Our clients benefit from a 98.7% success rate.

The typical search firm is described well in the seminal book Topgrading:

“The search partner is the salesperson; he closes the search deal and then low-level associates do all the work”

The associates may often lack the experience, skill and knowledge to attract top talent and engage in a meaningful manner.

Melrose Partners operate in a very different way:

  1. Our MD, Bob Kondal, personally executes mandates so all parties receive the very best advice.
  2. We unlock individuals that other search firms can’t
  3. Our clients benefit from a new and carefully engineered search methodology

Result: You get the maximum yield of top talent in the shortest possible time with 98.7% of offers accepted.

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people”

Steve Jobs

is your search firm going to exceptional lengths?

Bob Kondal

Bob Kondal, MD

Bob Kondal founded Melrose Partners. He has twenty years experience in top flight recruitment.

He studied Maths and Physics at Edinburgh after deciding not to pursue Medicine at Oxford.

Bob was also a Long / Short Equity Trader in the City and a regular market commentator on CNBC.

He’s been quoted a number of times in the national and international press: The Times, Telegraph, Scotsman, AFP et al.

He’s practised martial arts for 15 years and is a keen investor.

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207 Regent Street, 3rd Floor, London, W1B 3HH

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